So I am still in the process of better setting up this site, as well as finalising 4 more tracks of video game audio! It’s been a fun yet challenging few months, refining my process of mixing and mastering…

Gone are the very early days of mixing through one crappy speaker that cuts in and out – I don’t know how I did it back then! The difficulties of being poor in the early stages of setting up a new business meant I had to hold out from buying a good set of monitors and an audio interface, which meant a lot of burning CDS and driving around in the car to hear the imperfections (a time-consuming process)… I had to exercise a lot of patience back then. And of course it held me back from actually being able to release anything until I had some new gear.

But those days are gone (hooray!) and I am all set now with Yamaha HS monitors and a Steinberg Interface. The sky is the limit now.

My next step is to go further in depth with studying orchestration, learning some finer nuances and techniques. This I will begin once the last few game audio demos are complete, which shouldn’t be far away now…


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